90-Day Limited Structural and Mechanical Home Warranty *

This warranty is provided as part of our service, at no additional cost to the the buyer.

  • There are no deductibles
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • May use contractors of your choice
  • Coverage up to $2,000

Please click HERE to see an actual policy page as a PDF.


Here's How it Works

The warranty is automatically set up at the time of the inspection order. The buyer does not need to take any action to initiate the policy.

Our buyers are provided with copies of the warranty contract containing claims instructions on Page 7 of every full inspection report. And, of course, our warranty contracts can be found on our website at any time, also.

If a buyer happens to lose the claim form, another can be provided.

If a covered item breaks or stops working after the inspection, the warranty can be used.

* Warranties apply to Full Home Inspections, only

Contact Information

AAD Inspection Corp.
Phone: 208-338-9144
Email: sendtoAAD@gmail.com