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Full Residential Inspections and Reports

Most of your concerns can be addressed before our inspector leaves the site.
Full copies of the completed report are often available the following day. They are typically provided as e-mail attachments in PDF format. They can also be downloaded from our website or printed and delivered. However, you don't have to wait for the inspector's formal report for facts that may be important and timely to your negotiations. We will gladly provide a verbal summary of the inspection before leaving the site if you need the information sooner.

You'll be amazed at how comprehensively we inspect and report.
We've developed rigorous routines to discipline the inspector's attention to a multitude of important details.
The inspector can add many valuable comments for the final report during his tour (average homes can generate from 30 to 40 or more report pages).

We deliver information that empowers you to make sound decisions.
Your inspection report will address all critical and important aspects of the property and will usually note cosmetic concerns, as well. Maintenance information particular to your house will also be included in the report. Our reports also address the estimated remaining lives of major systems and give cost-range estimates for their repair.

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This is the Report We've Spent Years Developing and Perfecting

Just about everything an inspector can tell you about a property is included in our report.

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